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2015 was a milestone year for Copious as we moved into our brand new headquarters in Southeast Portland. From blueprints to build out, we were deeply involved in the entire design and development process for our new home.


Washington High School | Portland, OR

Date Completed

February 2015


FFA Architecture & Interiors, Inc. & Copious


The Building

Based in the historic Washington High School building, we paid homage to this classic neighborhood gem with design touches like our conference room “teacher’s cabinet,” subway tiling in the kitchen and chalkboards in common areas. The building itself has maintained many of the original elements since its 1906, from lockers to built-ins. From the minute we signed the lease, we were thrilled to be part of such a vibrant place with great Portland history. Plus, the building’s rooftop terrace makes an excellent conference room!

The Design Process

We partnered with FFA Architecture & Interiors to create a space that was unique to the way our teams collaborate. Through collaborative discussions, we imagined a welcoming space for everything from client workshops to ad hoc internal brainstorming, team happy hours to community networking events. With representatives from each of our different disciplines involved in the process, we designed a balance of open, highly-flexible spaces and low-key breakout rooms for the many ways we work—and have fun—together.

The Teacher’s Lounge is a popular spot for impromptu meetings.

The Teacher’s Lounge is a popular spot for impromptu meetings.

The Teachers’ Lounge welcomes office guests with a warm vibe that instantly encourages socializing. Nestled in a unique reclaimed blue stained pine wall, you’ll find hidden doors into the Auditorium. Our largest conference room, the Auditorium is the perfect place to spread out for design thinking sessions. The room features a glass wall that opens fully into the kitchen area if we need the extra space for workshops, parties, or community events.

Kitchen collaboration is a regular part of Copious culture.


The Cafeteria, at the very center of our space, is where you’ll find most Copians gathering for working and eating throughout the day. With Stumptown Cold Brew on tap and stocked snack cabinets, it’s the heart of the office.

With plenty of space to work with, we designed different zones for unique working styles. Central spaces allow for impromptu project discussions, planning sessions, and teamwork.


Art Room

Whiteboard and chalkboards encourage creativity and communication throughout the office.


We designed each room for the work style and collaborative needs of our teams.


Smaller conference rooms and refuge rooms allow for focused work sessions.

We also designed spaces with reduced light and extra sound control for deeper concentration in a more low-key atmosphere. We have several “refuge rooms” that are the perfect place for private one-to-one discussions or quiet working time.

The Debate Room, Shop, and Chess Club offer designated “war room” settings for project teams to get down to business. Like the work we do with clients, we are testing and validating our ideas for the space every day. Though it’s still a work in progress, the improvements and enhancements we’ve already made have created a one-of-a-kind space.


We look for work that inspires us. We do more than build projects — we build partnerships that help businesses grow.


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