The best digital projects succeed by striking a balance between exceptional functionality and beautiful design. For us, that requires aligning process, tools, and people to do our best work. With a design team that brings a breadth of experience to the table, we’re able to create experiences that meet the needs of both our clients and their customers. Whether we’re creating digital commerce experiences or custom web applications, the approach our design team takes to any project underscores three guiding principles.

Fueling creativity with understanding

Because our design team covers much more than visual design—considering UX, IA, content strategy, and front end development implications—we are committed to getting a full picture of the business problem we need to solve before jumping into problem-solving mode. Working closely with our engineering team from the outset, we conduct comprehensive audits to understand the breadth and scope of our clients’ businesses. We use these audits as a catalyst for understanding our clients and recognizing opportunities.

Constant collaboration with our engineers also ensures we understand the capabilities and limitations of potential solutions—before we sketch a single wireframe. Although we are passionate about pushing boundaries, we also aim to ensure that whatever we create is a practical, sustainable, appropriate, and (hopefully) exceptional solution to our client’s problems.

We often start auditing a client’s site before we “officially” kick the project off, to make the most of everyone’s time and really hit the ground running.

Building trust through shared goals

Like most creative agencies, we start our projects with a client kickoff meeting—but we approach ours a little differently that most.

You won’t find any corny icebreakers in our kickoff meeting agenda. And although we set a foundation for trust, there isn’t a single trust fall involved.

Typically, our designers will facilitate a design thinking workshop to extract deep-rooted brand knowledge, brand preferences, and business history that will help our team understand our client and their customers. Sometimes we’ll combine that with a customer journey map exercise to get a more detailed picture of our client’s business.

Getting the right people in the room from the beginning is key; we love to involve key stakeholders from across departments on the client-side in kickoff workshops. This not only gains a range of perspectives— but it also helps us build a deeper, more meaningful relationship with our clients.

When we truly know the people we’re working with and understand their challenges, we can act as a better partner on their behalf.

Collaborative workflow, from the beginning

Even the tools we use are indicative of the open relationships we cultivate: our design team relies on collaborative tools like InVision, Sketch, Trello, and more to keep the conversations candid and free-flowing. This dramatically improves visibility around feedback cycles and maintains a steady repertoire among our teams.

Although we take pride in what we do, we don’t hold anything precious. Fostering healthy discussions is critical for us to deliver something successful for our clients.

Beyond our clients’ internal business goals, an inherent curiosity drives us to understand the entirety of the landscape surrounding their business. Once we complete a design thinking workshop and customer journey mapping session, we perform a digital landscape analysis to research competitors and adjacent industries. With a broader understanding of the external factors at play, our designers can create more informed and creative solutions.

We use all the insights we uncover in research and workshops to create custom moodboards for our clients to evaluate. Again, open discussions are critical—understanding preferences and pushing boundaries at this stage enables our designers to home in on a visual aesthetic that suits the goals and needs of our clients and their customers.

Producing results that count

From comprehensive audits to design thinking workshops, journey mapping to moodboarding, everything our design team produces is meant to foster open communication and creativity. With constant, iterative collaboration from start to finish, we’re able to create meaningful and beautiful experiences for our clients. Our approach enables work that produces results, delivering real value for brands and their customers.

We’re always looking to grow our team of talented designers to lead the type of projects that propel brands forward and upward. If our approach resonates with you, check out our open design team positions.