A programmatic approach helps our clients to be successful in launching everything from omnichannel solutions to responsive sites. Every project at Copious includes a core team of three, with leads from Design, Engineering, and Strategy. Though projects usually have more team members based on project need, having a voice from each of these disciplines ensures our clients get the best of all worlds and a broad view of any opportunities that a specific project might face.

But three people in charge has unique challenges, as well. With specific skillsets coming to the table at once, newly formed teams often take a little time to mesh and enhance each person’s and discipline’s strengths.

Design thinking is used on large bodies of work to help acquire knowledge and buy-in from our client’s key team members. One of the most important components of the successful delivery of projects, whether heavy on design or fully engineering, is the need and requirement to define goals and align on what “Done” will look like. This often means asking the tough questions. Project success is heavily impacted by a project’s defined goals, and these goals are critical to making sure that all (and only) agreed upon work is delivered.

We plan and organize work differently for every client based on the needs of each unique effort while following the baseline rules of Waterfall or Agile approach. For heavy technical and design projects, most often a pseudo Waterfall-Agile approach works best. For small bug fixes that align with frequent and consistent deployments, an Agile-oriented methodology is often best.

Our design, engineering, and strategy leads are in constant contact and communication, running the teams and managing efforts while working seamlessly together to support the whole of the project from design to execution. All three leads are key collaborators with the client, guidance and support of their initiatives being top of mind in the process.

The reality of executing complex projects for ecommerce and digital-savvy consumers often requires the flexibility of team members and the development of new muscles (strategic planning for our technical team, for example, and engineering knowledge for our UX and Design experts) to support the push across the finish line.