Introducing Game-changing Ecommerce to the Beauty Industry

Launching digital products requires much more than a logo and an idea. Copious partnered with the founders behind Birchbox in early 2010 to design and develop a new kind of ecommerce experience to change the way consumers explored and purchased beauty products. In a few short months, we worked from concept to completion to launch a scalable, data-driven digital brand experience.

With a plan to shake up the cosmetic product industry, the founders of Birchbox approached Copious for guidance in creating a one-of-a-kind online beauty hub.

We formed a deep partnership that enabled honest discussions about their business strategy and allowed us to focus on critical components for success. Our goal: a personalized subscription-based service with a content-rich ecommerce site to help shoppers efficiently find, learn, try and buy beauty products—in just 90 days.

Focusing on visual cues from the fashion industry to inspire design elements, we struck a balance between cosmetic editorial style without a commercial feel. An authentic, familiar look was important to forge trust with a new audience—creating a foundation for long-term relationships.

"We were thrilled to launch Birchbox just in time for Fashion Week! Partnering with Copious has helped us create the delightful experience we’ve always wanted when shopping for beauty products."

Katia Beauchamp, Co-Founder

To design the customized Birchbox subscription experience they envisioned, we needed to apply structure to rich user data and feedback. Together we refined the business process, in addition to technical requirements, to plan a cohesive experience. A strategic approach to capturing, analyzing and structuring their customer information was critical to supporting thousands of new subscribers in the first year.

The experience we set out to build required two custom applications to support tailored ecommerce subscriptions and comprehensive digital content. A strategic look at business requirements, as well as a holistic approach for incorporating detailed user data, guided the solution we engineered.

We implemented Magento Enterprise to enable collection, tracking and action on increasingly large and complex quantities of user data. ExpressionEngine supported simple, fluid content production for the Birchbox team. The result was highly-customized online commerce with original editorial for a delightful, engaging user experience.

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