Custom Doors and Windows In the Palm of Your Hand

Brands with a physical retail presence need to shrink their store footprint while maximizing engagement with products. We helped Jeld-Wen optimize their space in Lowe’s stores by introducing a unique digital product to help customers and sales associates interact with the brand. A custom application helped users in-store explore, learn, and customize products with a mobile product configuration experience.

Jeld-Wen needed a way to display their expansive product offering in a small amount of square footage within Lowe’s stores. With hundreds of possible combinations of door styles, panels, colors, etc., we envisioned an experience that made it easy, quick and intuitive for Lowe’s customers to shop.

We created an engaging mobile experience for customers to explore the full breadth of products available. The core path for shoppers had to be simple, but also flexible to accommodate many options for more complex product customization experience.

The mobile web browser experience was developed in Backbone.js with core app functionality built in Ruby on Rails, driven off of MySQL. As with any mobile experience, speed and simplicity were critical.

The app was rolled out as a pilot at a number of Lowe’s retail stores across the country. Lowe’s discovered during testing that the tool was used primarily by store associates as a sales tool, enabling them to interact with customers to co-create a custom door combination.

The mobile web application we built enriched the shopping experience, while driving conversions through We also allowed customers to order in store, save and/or email their product creation.

Working collaboratively to solve a complex shopping challenge, we created an intuitive and enjoyable experience for in-store customers. The Jeld-Wen digital product delivers thousands of customizable products in shoppers’ hands.

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