Putting Information in Patients’ Hands

The medical industry can be a confusing, foreign space for non-industry people—like patients. The MIDAS branch of ID Experts wanted to bring human-centered usability to give consumers easy access to actionable information to protect their own and their families health. We helped them design and build a distinct digital product experience and a mobile app to share their vision.

Putting Information in Patients’ Hands

ID Experts approached Copious with a concept for improving the way consumers manage their medical data and identity. We worked together to distill and design a human-centered brand experience around easy, actionable healthcare data through the MIDAS app.

Design thinking workshops clarified the MIDAS voice, tone, and design to guide an experience that helped consumers feel secure and empowered. Looking to adjacent markets like the financial industry inspired a product strategy for handling and communicating important medical data in an engaging, secure, and helpful way.

We designed a responsive web application and built an iOS mobile app that makes medical records easy for consumers to access and understand. Our team architected an intuitive UX with an elegant API to enable deeper drill-downs for further information. We created features that aggregated and gave visibility into individual medical transactions, provided on-demand notifications, and helped consumers make sense of the overarching story across their medical history.

MIDAS has made it possible for consumers to read their medical history, as well as evaluate and make decisions based on that information. With control over their healthcare data, people can prevent medical inaccuracies or fraud.

Award Winning Software

Gartner awards ID Experts MIDAS for 2014 healthcare payer. “The annual “Cool Vendors” recognition is awarded to select organizations with innovative technologies and business models, representing new directions in the market.”

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