A Tool for Easily Comparing Energy Solutions

Copious partnered with NW Natural to design and build an easy and enjoyable way for consumers to understand energy-saving impact heating and cooling options. We created a responsive, industry-leading estimation tool.

NW Natural knew consumers needed a simpler way to gauge and evaluate options for heating and cooling their homes. With burdensome forms and calculators as the industry standard, existing solutions around estimating energy usage of HVAC equipment weren’t cutting it. We worked with their data to build a new mobile-friendly web application for consumers and professionals in the field.

Instead of a spreadsheet or complex calculator form, we built an application for consumers to walk through an infographic-like process. Hoping to alleviate the need for users to research their house, we designed “smart” options and field prompts to save time and guide the experience. A familiar, less technical tone aimed to relieve any sense of pressure and uncertainty for users.

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