Refining Online Customer Service for NW Natural

Copious transformed the NW Natural digital experience to enrich the interactions consumers had with their brand online. A streamlined website experience drove improved customer service satisfaction, helping them earn the #2 spot with JD Power and Associates.

NW Natural realized that customers expected the same level of helpful, personal service from their website as they received by phone. They approached Copious to develop a more user-friendly, information-rich experience. By analyzing customer needs, we created a more valuable digital experience for users to find answers when they needed them.

A multifaceted user research approach helped us develop a sense of critical information to streamline experiences. Unlike most websites, decreasing time on-site for existing customers was a key goal, especially when it came to paying bills.

We aimed to deliver something sustainable for NW Natural; both technical and visual design needed to be timeless. We created a fresh design to elevate their brand, while still keeping a few core elements familiar and consistent for users in the face of so many UI changes. Legacy back end system limitations were challenged, explored and overcome to deliver more simplified processes for NW Natural customers.

The new NW Natural website delivered. Just 90 days after launch, it ranked 2nd in customer satisfaction in the West by JD Power and Associates. The website met numerous corporate internal KPIs all while improving the customer experience; NW Natural customers were empowered to conduct their business faster and easier.

Heat maps anonymized user recordings and field level tracking from a quarter million user sessions uncovered visitor behaviors and patterns. Noticing areas of confusion in the typical customer journey, we worked together to clean up the navigation and information architecture of the site accordingly.

We also interviewed customer service reps to understand common customer issues. By moving answers to frequently asked questions into the core user dashboard, we reduced the steps to solve a problem.

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