Leveling Up the Razer Experience

Modeled after the style, look, and feel of Razer’s gaming products, we elevated their online ecommerce experience to match customers’ expectations for exceptional performance and design. A new visual identity and ecommerce experience made it easier for customers to find and buy world-class gaming products.

Razer wanted their brand to provide a more modern and immersive online experience for product fans. With a content-rich portal in mind, we needed to improve the experience for Razer’s content managers, too. We planned, designed and built an ecommerce website that was representative of Razer’s high-quality brand.

With a customer base across a broad spectrum of familiarity, we developed a new user experience to support quick navigation and exploration of products. Improvements to the IA and content allowed customers to easily find what they needed—and more.

Inspired by the exceptional craftsmanship of the physical product and packaging, we also redesigned Razer’s driver software. The new design elevated the entire customer journey for a consistently top-tier brand experience from order to delivery.

Through a technical audit and evaluation, we discovered a complex balance of systems. We developed a simplified technical strategy for their team to update and bundle product content.

We let the passion of Razer’s product designers fuel their new look, developing a fresh visual identity for Razer. The new website laid a foundation for global marketing and design needs in the long-term.

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