Elevated Shopping for Complex Custom Products

Complex product configuration doesn’t have to feel that way to customers. To showcase and simplify a growing range of lighting and hardware products, Rejuvenation partnered with Copious to create a custom commerce application. The new omnichannel retail experience inspired and engaged customers in digital and in-store environments.

Since the mid-70’s, Rejuvenation has continued to grow to encompass manufacturing and retail for discerning residents and businesses. With five physical locations and a vast online presence, we partnered with Rejuvenation to upgrade their digital experience and ecommerce application. Focusing on supporting quicker and easier transactions for their customers, we developed a custom solution with Ruby on Rails.

Guided by Rejuvenation’s long-term commerce goals, we worked together to develop a strategy and system to grow with their business. Our team considered the dynamic interactions between back office systems to support order placement, fulfillment, shipping and customer service.

“Robust Customization”

Thousands of customization options created an opportunity for us to replicate the fun of in-store experiences through the digital channel in a unique way. Design thinking helped us clarify a simple, inspiring and satisfying process for customers to shop and customize products.

Rethinking the architectural underpinnings of the Rejuvenation site, we validated behaviors and processes that would improve business results and customer experiences. The application we built ensured a fully-automated, monitored and tested workflow for greater quality and accuracy—keeping complex processing in the background and great experiences in the foreground.

We continue to work with the Rejuvenation in a combined team to maintain the liveliness of their branding and expand their business. Together, we’re developing and building for long-term initiatives driven by Rejuvenation’s significant omnichannel commerce goals.

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