Redesigning Shipwire for An Evolving Brand Platform

Brands and retailers need to trust their fulfillment and logistics partners—especially on an international scale. When Shipwire decided to overhaul their website to evolve their brand, Copious created a new visual paradigm and user experience to fit the brand’s growing position as an innovative, global leader. We led design thinking and customer journey mapping workshops to understand the Shipwire’s complex business. With the insights we uncovered, we were able to create a new design to share the brand’s comprehensive capabilities in a simple, yet beautiful, way.

Shipwire delivers technology and logistics support for some of the largest brands and retailers in the world. Their intelligent order fulfillment platform, supported by the international logistics network of Ingram Micro, enables businesses to scale and thrive. Copious partnered with Shipwire to refine and highlight a diverse set of business offerings to grow with a mid-market audience. Through redesigning key pages, interactions, and content, we helped Shipwire align their evolving brand with an elevated online experience for both existing customers and new business leads.

We brought stakeholders from Shipwire, as well as its parent company Ingram Micro, to our Portland office for a full-day design thinking workshop. Together, we evaluated where Shipwire was headed, establishing a foundation for communicating their positioning and strategy at new and existing markets. It was important to underscore the unique potential of the Shipwire business unit, yet maintain the integrity and heritage of the overall brand. Our teams aligned around a new design language and communication hierarchy that would appeal to the upper mid-market, while not alienating the core base that gave Shipwire its start.

“These illustrations are amazing. I can’t believe fulfillment technology looks so cool.”
Lauren Jow, Shipwire

The design thinking workshop not only established an aligned vision for our teams—it also fostered the trust we needed to move forward confidently. With a deep understanding of Shipwire’s business, we evaluated everything from language to service offerings, and how they were presented to the end consumer. An updated site architecture provided more direct paths for new customers to find and understand the brand’s capabilities.

After sharing several mood board concepts with the Shipwire and Ingram Micro team, we ultimately decided on a design direction that embodied the future evolution of the brand. The design we created conveys a more mature business position while maintaining the approachable intelligence that Shipwire is all about.

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