Driving Social Competition for a Cause with VIE

Sporting competitions have always been a natural way to raise money. When VIE approached Copious to develop a digital product around multi-sport competition to raise money for nonprofits, we looked to real world models that worked. We helped solidify their brand through a socially-focused web and mobile platform to engage users.

VIE had a vision for a platform to connect users around competing and contributing to a good cause—anywhere, anytime. Together we created an engaging experience leveraging social gamification across devices.

Working with the VIE team, we developed a strategy with tight social integrations with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The custom social user model we developed enables easy connections of users based on interests while integrating with the larger social web. The social layer allowed a much larger user base to compete, merging digital and physical experiences across locales.

The collective effort of our strategy, design and engineering teams helped VIE bring their vision to life through a comprehensive cross-channel experience that enabled meaningful user engagement.

We developed a custom Ruby On Rails application to handle transactions and interactions, as well as a native iOS app to give users a seamless cross-channel experience. An algorithm engine was set up to process user data in the unique VIE scoring system, ranking competitors for an instantly-gratifying experience. An intuitive user experience combined with rewards and incentives encouraged quick adoption and continuous participation.

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